Tian Wang, COO of MailControl, introduces the cyber security startup which “secures your enterprise from spymail” at the Techweek Chicago Launch Competition 2016.

Founded in October 2015, MailControl is headquartered in Chicago. Tian describes spymail as an email with hidden tracking codes that allows the senders to track the web behavior of the receivers once the email has been opened. This is a threat towards individuals’ as well as enterprises’ privacy and security.

Other key points on the company:

Led by Paul Everton, founder and CEO, MailControl is addressing a billion dollar cyber security market and has recently received $1M seed funding from Guild Capital to improve its product development and sales performance. MailControl is currently targeting legal and financial companies offering a $500-a-month service for organizations with up to 300 users. With 7 employees now, MailControl provides a SaaS-based enterprise class email security platform, known as Enterprise Privacy Shield (EPS), that detects and deactivates hidden tracking codes in email messages before they reach users’ inboxes.

Below are some of the key points and moments from the conversation:

  • 0:03 – Tian Wang introduces his company MailControl to the judges and audience of the Techweek Chicago Launch Competition
  • 0:23 – Tian focuses on 5 cases wherein spymail is used to track receivers’ web behaviors
  • 2:16 – Spymail is a threat to personal privacy and cause cyber attacks
  • 3:11 – Tian gives an idea on 6 pieces of information a sender can receive through spymail, once opened by the receivers
  • 3:53 – Tools that are used to make spymail are readily available online for free
  • 4:15 – 5% of emails that are received daily have tracking codes within them
  • 4:44 – MailControl saves enterprises from spymail by tracking the codes and updating their global signature to provide better protection
  • 5:35 – Tian introduces the high-level management team of MailControl
  • 6:34 – MailControl has received a seed funding of $1M and 3 million emails are passing through their services regularly
  • 6:54 – Q&A session begins with the judges: Do you have any patents right now?
  • 7:07 – Q&A: Is this technology only to save emails? What about the other form of messaging and communication that can overtake emails in popularity?
  • 7:45 – Q&A: What is MailControl’s value if a company’s firewall or security systems are able to plug in security breaches?
  • 8:41 – Q&A: What are the pricing and sales positioning for MailControl?


COO, MailControl